About zjhentohlauedy

Stuff about the zjhentohlauedy guy

  • Add me on msn D: (awesomezen@live.com)
  • Add me on MyAnimeList (http://myanimelist.net/profile/zjhentohlauedy)
  • Add me on facebook if you want. just search for “Mark Alwin Poa”
  • Add me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/FrozenFoodShip9)
  • I’m a Christian and I really don’t like it if people make fun of Christ/God and all that stuff
  • I’m Awesome
  • I’m a Panda.
  • I have panda powers
  • I love cooking and cleaning
  • I like mixing oils in Oil burners, Incenses, scented candles, reed diffusers and wax scents
  • I’m multipurpose
  • I love eating
  • You can tell how much i love you by how much i annoy you
  • If i don’t annoy you at all, I still love you D:
  • I love awesome stuff and by awesome i mean you D:
  • I’m a typemoon fan.
  • I love TEA and COFFEE, and i have a huge stack of them at home.
  • If i disagree with you it doesn’t mean i don’t like you D:
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to me, just like any bug, i have more to fear from you than you from me D:
  • I’m a full blooded Chinese who lives in the Philippines.
  • I like tsunderes, not the loli tsunderes tho
  • I like thigh highs, stockings, boots and all those leg related things
  • Collects a lot of figures
  • Has tons on manga scans
  • Is currently perfecting ice cream Chiffon cakes
  • Currently a Pizza machine
  • I’m gonna update this when i feel like it.

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