2 Conventions 1 Weekend!

2 Conventions
A Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles Thingy

then a cosplay event thingy



Yeah this is just one bored pic *_*

If you’re looking for pics of the place, or cosplayers or anything like that…

Then i’m about to show you.

How much I won’t deliver!

I’m just gonna show off everything I bought, cuz I’m a narcissist that way!
First up!



Freakin cool getter eagle ;_:

i love the details so much!

Too bad no Jaguar or Bear ;___;

K-on 1

K-on 2

A set of K-on Prop Plus Petit Figure thingy.

well technically my brother bought this.

Then after realizing that my figma Emiya Shirou wasn’t limited to the weapons he has with the set..

I decided that the key chain weapons sold at cons over here would be a nice addition to his armory.

sooooo i bought some and ripped off the key chain parts…

A katana and a chinese sword thingy

They are metal so he has a really hard time holding them.

oh and all the other model kits can hold em which is fun!

then we have another weapon

i dunno where it's from but it's big

I call it the MEAT CLEAVER!

Unlimited Kitchen works?

Well i guess this became like an UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS gift to my Emiya Shirou Figma XD

If you want actual Cosplay pics of the event

visit this really cool blog of some friends of mine

They’ll prolly cover most of the anime events here in the philippines so if you’re interested in that go ahead and bookmark them

~ by zjhentohlauedy on October 3, 2010.

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