Beaches, Rocks and Me

2nd day of my trip to palawan like 2 weeks ago!

Alright alright I know I’ve been lazy XD


Ok not really.

In any case we start at the hotel resort thingy.

They day before we could only take a walk at night since we came to the hotel at night.  Now we look around in daylight!

Beach in the morning~

It looks awesome.



Black green things all over are just seaweeds washed ashore. They look gross but pretty harmless.

Man I really wanna stay here for a long time. I love beaches.

Oh well. We gotta go early today to go to the underground river thing which is a candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world.

After breakfast we take the vans again and drive for about 2 hours.

We arrive at a wharf again, preparing to ride some boats.

Yep. That's where we're riding!

some 9 seater motor boat thing made of bamboo and other wood.

It was fairly fast. pretty shaking but the wind and the sea air makes the ride really really awesome.

After about 10-20 minute boat ride we near our destination.

That really small area there

If you look really closely you’ll see some colored boats beside the rock thing.

That’s where we’re headed!

From the beach we walk a little towards the cave river thing entrance.

But oh wait! I SPY A LIZARD!

Shy little big ass thing

It ran away like the coward that it was D:

i was only trying to eat it D:

The pathway

Running down the path towards the river.

I also made  video of running through the woods =D

After a light jog and some walking we end up at our destination!

Into the mouth of the cave!

We wait for a few minutes cuz we were in a queueueueue!

Wearing smelly life jackets and hard hats by this time.

We then ride a rowboat and enter slowly…

Into the cave!

It was surprisingly really cool inside. Literally cool like not hot?

The stalactites are growing D:

Surely they are D:

and the water they drop is cool and smells funny.

cave walls ARE THOSE BATS??

Those two black dots you see in the middle are actually bats =D

Delicious little things.

More cool rocks

The better pictures are near the cave entrance since there was still light. The pictures i took inside the cave didn’t turn out so well.

Moist walls

You can see how high the water comes up during tides D:

More awesome rocks

I like this one cuz it looks like some sort of weird alien thing

The candle thing

The called this one the candle cuz it’s looks like one i guess. It’s really really huge. Like a small building D:

and you can see how dark it is since the camera was having a hard time even with flash

This one's a corn

Hmmmmm cormmmm.

The jelly fishy

This one’s a jelly fish cuz it looks like one clear?

ok i don’t wanna post anymore rock photos or else i’ll be showcasing the whole tourist attraction sooo

let’s move on.

We came out the way we came back in. Trek back to the beach were we’ll be picked up by our boat and back to the wharf. BUT WAIT!


Caught another big lizard!

I have 2 pokemons now!

Nice view!

We come out of the beach where we wait for the other people to finish so we can head back.

The beach there was seriously beautiful.

Crashing waves and the armada of boats

The boat men wait till their passengers return.

I wonder if they get bored there?

Nice cliffside thingy

This place probably looks really awesome when it’s high tide. Waves crashing on the side of that rock and all.

Where did everyone go?

With all the people there and the boats. It was really really hard to time that shot.

Pretty awesome if you ask me~

After this we head back to our boat, head to the Wharf, had lunch nearby and took another 2 hour road trip back to the more “urban” area.

We head back to the hotel and lookie what happened.


Freakin beach! i was suppose to enjoy you! where did you go??

Apparently the beach disappears during low tide…

The mangroves~

The mangroves which were pretty far away? you could walk to them now..

Foot prints.

The sand is pretty soft there too. My feet sinks about an inch or so.

NAked beach

Small pools of water from the left over beach.

This is around the left side of the beach.

More foot prints in the sand

I love sand.

Am i that fat?

My feet are sinking like 2 inches now.

It’s sinking really deep and it’s getting hard to walk around.

At some point it sinks to almost 3-4 inches.

Another thing that makes it hard is the baby mangrove trees that are like little spikes on the ground. Step on em and it pretty much hurts. Some of them are below the sand so  it also adds to the difficulty. So i walk further down towards the mangrove trees to reach the actual “beach”

Oh poop.

Yep. that’s a lot of baby mangroves…


I manage to hop and skip my way through the perilous spikes and was able to pass with minimal damange. By minimal I mean getting stabbed like 5 times or so.

Looking back

On the far right you can see parts of the resort hotel. To the left is where the beach disappeared to and the middle is suppose to be the beach.

Oh look!

This is where I found the beach. I was pretty tired by then and i barely took much photos. I did take panoramic shots so wait for that in the next part.

I think this last shot turn out really well \o

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