So as I Pray…

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There is no hesitation

This hill of swords

There is only one choice

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Yet These Hands Will Never Hold Anything…

•September 28, 2010 • 1 Comment

Where does this road lead to?

This is my world.

what have I accomplished?

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Have Withstood Pain to Create Many Weapons…

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Why are we here?

Fighting for what?

What do I desire most?

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Italian? or Japanese?

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As a foodie, 2 of my favorite cuisines have always been Japanese and Italian. I love pasta, I love pizza, I love sushi and I love ramen.

some pasta~

So i made some pasta earlier. Nothing surprising yet.

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Nor Known to Life…

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I only wanted….

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Unknown to Death…

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Where ends meet..

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I have Created Over a Thousand Blades…

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This is something I must do…

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