Italian? or Japanese?

As a foodie, 2 of my favorite cuisines have always been Japanese and Italian. I love pasta, I love pizza, I love sushi and I love ramen.

some pasta~

So i made some pasta earlier. Nothing surprising yet.

Just some spaghetti with a tomato based sauce with some local sausage called “Longganisa”. The Sausage is sweet and its flavor mixes well with the tomato sauce making really good and “Filipino”. Since we filipinos love sweet spaghetti


So yeah just some cool pasta.

Now you wonder. Where’s the japanese part?


It’s sushi rolls. Made with spaghetti instead of rice… and sauce poured on it..

Don't they look sooooo weird?

Weird enough for today?

I hope so! XD

So I got some Nori sheets (the seaweed thingy) lined it with spaghetti. cut off the excess noodles (i added em to the pasta earlier if you wanna know). then put a crabstick and some cucumbers and mayonnaise. Then Roll! ROLL LIKE A KATAMARI.

Here’s a Sauce-less version

Nice Boat!


And the sauce is a tomato teriyaki thing i whipped up from left over sauces.


oh and I guess i’ll Give em an Zen-rating

The pasta with tomato and sausage sauce is a 4/5. which means people would eat it, and some would love it.

The sushi spaghetti is a 3/5 which is people would prolly eat it.

a 2/5 would mean I would eat it and some select people.

and a 1/5 is I MIGHT eat it. and prolly no one ever will.

a 0/5 would be even i wouldn’t touch that with a 6 foot pole.

and a 5/5 would be so good i wanna live with it for the rest of my life.


~ by zjhentohlauedy on September 26, 2010.

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